What’s the best thing to do when the markets are volatile?

  It’s instinctive to want to do something when we hear and read about markets falling. Often, however, the best response can be to simply do nothing. This video by our partners Dimensional Fund Advisors demonstrate the difference that having the right financial adviser can make during uncertain times.

The Difference the Right Financial Adviser Makes

    In 2017, one of our strategic partners Dimensional Fund Advisors conducted an investor feedback survey on behalf of financial advisers who work with them. The findings show that investors place a high value on the sense of security they receive from their financial adviser relationships. It also demonstrates how the right financial adviser plays … Continued

In Praise of Diversity

A guest blog for Serenity Financial Planning by Alistair Meadows, Investment Analyst at EBI Portfolios “You will always hate something in your portfolio. Really, really hate it”. James Osbourne (Bason Asset Management) October 2014. We often get communications from advisers telling us that they have clients who have concerns with regard to one (or more) of their … Continued

How should we react to the election of President Trump?

It’s a ‘Here we go again’ sort of day today as we all assimilate the news that Donald Trump is now president of the United States. Just like with Brexit, our message to all our clients is not to panic. Stop watching the news, don’t read the headlines and ignore the noise. This is not … Continued

Donald Trump, newly elected President of the USA

Property funds in the post-Brexit world

Following the Brexit result of the EU referendum on 23rd June, a number of property funds chose to suspend redemptions following huge amounts of withdrawals from investors. This led to many predicting a gloomy future for the funds, but as we move further on from the referendum, many are changing their predictions to one of … Continued


Negative interest rates and how they might affect your finances

With the Bank of England cutting UK interest rates this month for the first time since 2009 to just 0.25%, it looks more likely than ever that Britain could experience negative interest rates. The idea of negative interest rates has moved from theory to reality following the 2008 financial crisis, with several central banks in … Continued


Keep Calm. Everything is Alright.

They say you can only get news from the media and not the truth. Our role as your trusted family Financial Adviser is to ensure we share with you and guide you with the unvarnished truth. At times this may show up as tough love and seem countercultural but we’re comfortable with that.


A New Year for the markets, but China continues with the same story

As we all turn over a new leaf and enter 2016 with a fresh year ahead of us it rather seems that China has missed the New Year memo!

After uncertainty over Chinese markets affected worldwide stocks in 2015, the beginning of 2016 has seen a similar story. The Shanghai Composite market dived 7% on Monday 4th January, prompting the triggering of a suspension rule after just thirty minutes of trading.


Should you be worried during significant market falls?

A recent Standard Life article suggests that in simple terms, you probably shouldn’t be worried about recent market falls. Most of us are investing over the long term, and significant market falls happen periodically. Generally, the wrong thing to do when markets fall by a reasonable margin is to panic and sell out of the market – this just locks in a loss. The right thing to do is remember why you’re invested in the first place and make sure that rationale hasn’t changed.