We’re Financial Life Planners, helping people at every life stage to clarify their goals and get organised, so that they have more freedom to dream big

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Our vision is to bring financial life planning to as many people as possible, so that they can live a life of freedom without worrying about money.

Tina Weeks - Managing Director & Financial Life Planner

Your life. Your money.
Make it count.

Financial life planning is a dynamic process that can benefit anyone and everyone. It’s a combination of life coaching, financial planning and expert advice.

Your financial life plan will look closely at your finances and answer all your questions such as “Will I have enough money to do all the things I want to do?” and “Am I doing everything I should be doing with my money?”.

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Client stories

R and J Snelling - Tiverton

A client since 2017

For anybody who is not sure about whether to start working with Serenity, I would say “go for it!”. It has removed a lot of the doubt and concern over our future financial state.
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Andy Williams -

A client since 2012

They really do care, they get to know you and it’s personal. They are obviously very good at life planning but, honestly, it is so much more than that.
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Alan and Olive Trewhella - Helston

A client since 2010

We know that, as we move through this next phase of life, we have a trusted adviser on hand. Jeremy genuinely cares about us as people, and that is his major focus.
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Barbara Martyn - Truro

A client since 2010

Jeremy was always honest, discreet and professional. If anyone is contemplating their future finance-wise, contact Serenity Life Planning.
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Adam Pearson - Newquay

A client since 2019

I’m looking forward to feeling even more empowered and making even better life decisions based on what I know about the underlying financial realities.
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Carol Wilkinson - Lincoln

A client since 2014

I haven’t looked back – it seems all the wonderful things I thought would be pipe dreams are becoming a reality: fun times with grandchildren, holidays, savings and even the dogs are factored in!
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Nel Wilton - Redruth

A client since 2013

The way Serenity work is brilliant. None of this could have been done without Jeremy’s encouragement, help and ethos. Financial life planning at its best.
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At Serenity Financial Planning, we know that great financial planning is about planning a great life.

That’s why we call it financial life planning.

You’ll expect financial planners to analyse your situation then recommend financial solutions. Our work together will go far beyond that, helping you build a clear vision of your future, taking away the stress that comes from worrying about money, so that you can concentrate on living your life to the full.

Our approach

Financial planning that:

  • Puts you and your values at the heart of the work we do
  • Focuses on the attainment of your life’s goals and ambitions
  • Gives you the time and environment to plan for the future and explore what’s important

Meet the team

From our Financial Life Planners to our Client Relationship team, everyone at Serenity has the qualifications and experience to ensure that you have the correct financial architecture in place; both for now and for the future.

Tina Weeks Managing Director &
Financial Life Planner
Clive Thompson Director,
Head of Business Standards &
Financial Life Planner
Jeremy Squibb Director,
Head of Life Planning &
Financial Life Planner
Ian Kemp Financial Life Planner
Hollie Simpson Client Relationship Manager
Dan Monahan Client Relationship Manager
Tom Desborough Financial Life Planner
Sue Thompson Client Relationship Manager
Aaron Erişkin Financial Life Planner
Karen Lang Client Relationship Manager
Jane Ball Financial Life Planner
Kevin Thornton Financial Life Planner

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