Actually, it’s about YOU

At Serenity Financial Planning we have a clear vision of what financial planning really should look like. It’s new, exciting and different from other IFA (Independent Financial Adviser) and financial planning firms you may have met. Everything we do is about YOU. It’s about your whole life – not just your money. We understand that your money is simply the tool to enable you to live the life you want.

Ready to listen

We encourage you to dream big and then stick with you on your journey to making your dreams reality. We base your financial plan around your life, your goals and ambitions. Through our life planning techniques we can even help you figure out what your goals are if you don’t already know. You see we really do want to listen. We want to hear your story – all of it.

Partners for the long run

We understand that this isn’t just about the here and now. This is a dynamic process so we stick with you over the years to come to make sure that you stay on track. We meet with you regularly and remain accessible to you so that we are here to answer your questions and queries. We make sure you are not bogged down by money worries and give you the confidence to stay on top of your financial planning.

Qualified and experienced

All of our advisers are qualified and have experience and the technical expertise to ensure that the correct financial architecture is put in place for each and every client. We help and guide you on every aspect of your financial and life planning; from managing your monthly budget, keeping you informed and designing and monitoring your investment portfolio. Everyone is different, we understand and respect that. Above all, we keep it real and relevant for you.

Thats why we believe our approach is revolutionary. We treat you as an individual and give you the time and environment to explore what is important to you. Only when we know what is important to you can we put in place a financial plan to achieve your life’s goals and ambitions. A financial plan for your life.

That’s why we call it Financial Life Planning.