Why us

Working with Serenity life planners, you’ll experience something completely different:

Our Financial Life Planners will

Treat you as an individual, giving you the time and space to explore the things which are important to you.  Once those have been identified, we’ll help you build your financial plan to achieve your life’s ambitions.  Your financial plan will give you the confidence to feel more fun, freedom and joy in your life.

You’ll be listened to

Your financial plan will be based around your life, your goals, and your ambitions. Working with your financial life planner, you’ll uncover what your goals are if you don’t already know. Your story is the most important part of the process; we want to hear it, so you know you’ll be listened to.

It’s about understanding

People worry about money – that’s understandable. For many, it causes unnecessary angst, stress and emotional strain in many areas of life : your home, your family, your relationships, your career and even your health. With Serenity, you’ll be supported through a simple approach to understand your everyday thoughts and worries, moving along to helping turn your dreams into reality.

It’s a long term partnership

Financial life planning isn’t just about the here and now, or quick wins. Rather, it is a dynamic process, so you’ll be working with your planner on an ongoing basis to make sure you stay on track. You’ll have regular meetings and we’ll be accessible so that you always have someone you can trust and put your confidence in to answer your questions and queries with your best interests at the forefront.

Organisation is key

The stress that money brings is so often caused by the unknown – not knowing where to begin, or even if you are doing things right once you’ve started. You’ll be guided through every aspect of your financial planning, including managing your monthly budget, sorting your tax returns, organising your Will, and designing and monitoring your investment portfolio, and all the time, keeping an eye on those most important things in your life.

Qualified and experienced

As you would expect, our Financial Life Planners and Client Relationship managers have the necessary experience and qualifications to ensure that you have the correct financial architecture in place, both for now and in the future.

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