In Praise of Diversity

A guest blog for Serenity Financial Planning by Alistair Meadows, Investment Analyst at EBI Portfolios “You will always hate something in your portfolio. Really, really hate it”. James Osbourne (Bason Asset Management) October 2014. We often get communications from advisers telling us that they have clients who have concerns with regard to one (or more) of their … Continued

What is Evidence Based Investing?

A guest blog by Robin Powell, an award-winning journalist and financial educator. He blogs as The Evidence-Based Investor at A phrase you may have heard about lately is evidence-based investing. You would have thought that, in investing, as in, for example, medicine or criminal law, everything is based on evidence as a matter of … Continued

Budget 2017: How Will It Affect You?

A summary by Tina Weeks Philip Hammond delivered his first Spring Budget as chancellor yesterday. We’ve taken a closer look at what he had to say and summarise the most important changes that will affect our clients. The good news is there were no significant tax or pensions changes in this Budget that will have any … Continued

Budget Planning

When should you keep faith with an underperforming active fund?

Investors who entrust their savings to active fund managers do so in the hope they will achieve market-beating performance. When the fund starts to dip, it is possible that some investors may forget that short-term bouts of underperformance must be endured along the road to potentially superior long-term results. Ultimately, whether to stick with an underperforming fund is the investor’s decision to make… and a very difficult one at that!