Why avoiding the news is good for your wealth

Unless you live on another planet, you will have found it rather hard to avoid the latest twists and turns in the ongoing political drama that is Brexit. But if you can avoid Brexit, it could be good for your finances. Much has been made of how terrible the uncertainty and ongoing political wrangling is … Continued

What could extra bank holidays do to your finances?

With election fever running at its peak, the Labour party’s new proposal to give us all four extra bank holidays might seem like a popular move, but there will be financial gains and losses for many of us. Small business owners stand to lose money, with the the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) … Continued

The scammers won’t go away, so be careful out there!

            It’s an unfortunate truth of the computer age that, as the software developed to protect your identity and sensitive information improves, so the methods of those trying to defraud you become ever more effective. It’s an ongoing battle between both sides, which means it’s just as important to be … Continued


Do you have an innovative business? Where in the world can you find other businesses just like you?

Each year, the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) produces the Global Innovation Index, which produces a ranking of the top innovative countries across the globe. The focus of the index is on effective innovation policies for development, using 79 indicators across several different themes and covering 141 world economies. “Innovation holds far-reaching promise for spurring … Continued


Scale tipped in favour of small firms?

Chancellors presenting their Budgets often attempt to redistribute wealth from one group in society to another, stated a recent post-Budget AccountancyAge article, suggesting that this was the implicit rationale behind many of the corporate tax measures announced in the March 2016 Budget.

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Are Company Strategic Reports helpfully forward-looking for investors?

Strategic reports provide ‘very little insight’ into future prospects. Many strategic reports contain a mass of annual data and text, which is largely backward looking, finds a PriceWaterhouse (PwC) study. Information disclosed in companies’ annual reports is being buried in a mass of annual data and text, presenting investors with a tough challenge to unearth it, according to the research.

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The EU Referendum is on the horizon. What impact might it have on UK SMEs?

The UK is set to have a referendum by the end of 2017 which will determine whether or not we will remain a member of the European Union. In this referendum everyone of voting age will take part, answering “Yes” or “No” to the question of whether they wish to remain a part of the EU. There’s no doubt that leaving the European Union would bring about quite a few changes in the UK, but how would this decision affect Small and Medium sized Enterprises?


Finding Funding for SME start-ups

Whether you’re a start-up seeking your initial capital or you’ve just taken on a small business and are looking for money to grow, you’ll need that initial injection of funds to turn your ideas into a reality. According to statistics from Companies House, Britons are embracing the entrepreneurial spirit. Research from the national enterprise Start-up Britain last year showed that 2014 broke the record for the number of new businesses. Their research showed that 581,173 businesses registered with Companies House last year, up from 526,446 in 2013.


Strong investment demand for retail warehouses continues

International real estate advisor Savills has reported that total transaction volumes in the UK retail warehouse investment market totalled £1.264 billion in the first half of 2015, marking a 28% increase on the £981.95 million transacted in the same period last year.