Pension Freedom

It’s been three years since George Osborne pulled the rabbit from his Budget briefcase and presented us with pension freedom. The new legislation allowed savers to take any level of withdrawal from their funds to suit their particular requirements, rather than being told the amount they could have by insurance companies. In addition, any value … Continued

The scammers won’t go away, so be careful out there!

            It’s an unfortunate truth of the computer age that, as the software developed to protect your identity and sensitive information improves, so the methods of those trying to defraud you become ever more effective. It’s an ongoing battle between both sides, which means it’s just as important to be … Continued


Connected rather than protected?

Brits consider an internet connection and mobile phones to be greater financial priorities than protecting mortgages and incomes, according to new research in the latest Scottish Widows Protection Report. Only 39% considered providing financial security for their family in the event of death as essential – which has dropped from more than half in four years – compared to eight out of 10 (80%) who considered broadband and mobile phones (71%) essential for daily living.


Families with dependent children lack financial protection

Only a quarter (24%) of adults in the UK with children under 16 have any form of financial protection, a significant drop from 31% in 2013, according to the latest research from the Scottish Widows Protection Report. With over half (54%) of this group admitting that their savings would last just a couple of months if they were unable to work, a significant protection gap exists for families in the UK.


Mortgage Protection in 2014: are you amongst the most protected?

As a nation, are we doing enough to protect ourselves, our families and our assets? Scottish Widows is seeking to answer this question throughout the year, with a series of reports on Britain’s approach to protection. Their May 2014 report takes a look at mortgage holder’s protection, to see how many of us are properly protecting what is likely to be our biggest asset.


Proposed Changes to Flood Cover Insurance arrangements

Earlier in February 2014, the Water Bill had its second reading in the House of Lords and the issue of flood cover insurance was discussed. The current UK flood insurance guarantee – the Statement of Principles – is soon to expire and is set to be replaced by the Flood Re proposal. The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RCIS) supports the Flood Re proposal as it is currently the only tenable solution available and has the support of both the insurance industry and government, which secures its viability.