Four Websites To Save You Money TODAY

  It’s spring and the time of year for trying new things. Here are some straight-forward and helpful websites that can help you save money with no hidden complications. Why not use a little bank holiday time to see if you can improve your monthly budgets by trying them out?   Supermarket comparison compares … Continued

How To Manage Your Emotions About Money

Whether it’s anger, anxiety, jealousy or extreme excitement, we have a whole rainbow of emotional reactions to our financial situations. Here is an outline of how you can take a step back and gain a calmer, clearer perspective   ANGER Whether it’s a little irritation that the supermarket ‘deal’ you’ve just seen is a blatant … Continued

Carpe Diem – How To Plan To Seize The Day

Words: Ian Kemp, Serenity Life Planner I‘ve just come back from a few weeks in New Zealand, visiting our son, daughter-in-law and young granddaughter. This is a key part of my life plan, which I worked through with my coach, to clarify how it was going to be possible. It’s a long way to New Zealand, … Continued

How To Really Look After Your Greatest Asset

Spring is here and many of us begin to think about eating more healthily at this time of year. However, for most of us, it seems the main barrier to this is money. A survey by Aviva recently revealed more than half of us feel ‘healthy’ foods are too expensive. This often plays out when … Continued

How our spending habits change when the days get longer

It’s the time of year when the clocks spring forward, and the days are getting longer. And according to numerous studies, it’s not just our sleeping habits which are affected by this, but our spending. Studies reveal that people tend to shop, dine out and engage in commercial activities more frequently in after-work daylight. So, … Continued

The Value of Loyalty

It’s the time of year when we are faced with a barrage of advertisements from price comparison websites reminding us of the importance of checking how much we may be able to save if we switch everything from energy providers to mobile phone operators, broadband packages to home insurance.    Whilst there is no doubt … Continued

How To Double The Gift of Giving

In the run up to Christmas, there is no shortage of charities appealing for our attention and, crucially, our money. Christmas cards, calendars and other gifts are marketed and, if it is a cause close to our heart, then we will dig deep and buy some.   But is it really the best way to … Continued

The Wisdom of the Christmas Movie

Most of us use Christmas as a time to forget about our finances and how much we are earning and how we could earn more. Yes, we may have spent the best part of a starter mortgage on food and drink and presents but there’s no taking it back now so it’s time to just … Continued

Stay warm and save money

  It’s the time of year when it’s getting a little bit chilly and our energy bills will start to rise. A few simple changes can help to keep the costs down and help you to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. According to the Energy Saving Trust most households could save £100s each year as … Continued