One in five reaching State Pension age, return to work.

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More than one in five (21%) of pensioners have gone back to work since they reached the State Pension age, or are planning to do so in the future, according to new research from Prudential. The rise of the retired jobseeker, along with the growing trend for a period of pre-tirement as previously identified by Prudential, shows how the modern retirement reality continues to shift further from the traditional norm of giving up work for good on a set date.

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Latest ‘Retirement Readiness’ report shows the UK still has a major savings problem

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New research in Spring 2015 from Aegon UK reveals that just 7% of the UK population are on track for the retirement they aspire to, exactly the same percentage as in April 2014. Aegon’s third UK Readiness Report – the latest in a series of reports that looks at attitudes towards retirement – has a particular focus on levels of engagement with workplace pensions. It finds that the nation’s ‘readiness score’ has actually fallen over 12 months from 52 to 47. The people surveyed said that they wanted to retire at age 63, contributing to the falling score, as people’s expectations about the amount of money they hope to retire on each year rose from £35,000 to £42,000, despite the fact that this would require a saving pot of more than £1m, a sum higher than the new pension lifetime allowance.

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Planning around the retirement threshold

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By now, if you are somewhere in the retirement experience – either approaching it, passing through it or leaving it behind – you will already have experienced firsthand your own childhood and maybe that of your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Now you are heading to experience later life, which for most of us will stretch forward for more time than we might have expected all those years ago.

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Divorce can cost in lost retirement income

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New research from Prudential, in the insurer’s ‘Class of’ Study, which tracks the future plans and aspirations of people planning to retire in the next 12 months, has now been released, in the study’s eighth year. This year the research found that for the ‘Class of 2015’ divorcees, the average expected retirement income is £15,700 compared with £17,800 for those who have never been through a marriage break-up.

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60 is the new 40!

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Good news for all of us who have accepted that we are getting older: Saga reports that new European research shows that 60 is the new 40! The research reveals that people are now reaching middle age at the tender age of 60, instead of the previously expected figure of 40 years old.

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