Cashing in or Keeping your Pension Pot?

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Approaching fast is April 2015, when you could have even more freedom to decide what you want to do with your pension savings as you approach retirement. Whatever you choose to do, and it will be your choice if you qualify, think carefully and choose wisely. Seek advice before making a choice if you are not sure of the effects that might result. You have two broad choices that you can make – cash-in or hold on to your savings.

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5 Key Concerns for Retirees

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Are you relishing the arrival of your retirement, whenever it may be due?

A recent survey from Aegon found that whilst people continued to have positive aspirations for retirement, there was nevertheless a widespread lack of confidence that retirement would actually deliver.

With careful planning though, you can address all of your potential concerns and ensure you are ready for a happy and productive retirement.

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How fully will the State Pension fund our retirement?

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The answer very simply is that the State Pension alone is not enough! For most of us, the State Pension is the valuable foundation which underpins our retirement income. On its own, according to most cost of living figures, the state pension alone does not adequately provide for a reasonable standard of living in retirement. In fact, living on the basic state pension income alone would be defined by most measures as ‘living in poverty’.

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How Much Income Will I Need in Retirement?

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Everyone’s idea of what income is needed to provide you with an ‘acceptable standard of living’ in retirement is different. In addition, no estimate remains the same for long as prices and the cost of living change year-on-year. However here, drawing upon published material from Standard Life and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF), we look at some estimates and invite you to look at how your hopes and expectations for quality ‘Golden Years’ in your retirement, stack up.

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