Four Financial Habits That Will Change Your Life

  Each year, many people spend the last few days of January frantically going through paperwork to meet the tax return deadline. There are, of course, others who can smugly say that they had the return filed the previous April.  But aside from avoiding the panic of HMRC deadlines, there are many other benefits to … Continued

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Is 2017 the year the rewrite your life story?

  There is a famous saying by Philip Pullman, author of the Dark Materials trilogy:  ‘After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.’ Stories teach us about the world and the people around us, but most importantly, they teach us about ourselves.   The stories that are most … Continued

My New Life Story Chapter 1 on a typewriter

5 resolutions to improve your money mindset

  It’s the time of year when many of us will be making resolutions in the hope we can better ourselves in the year ahead. Usually these involve improving our health and fitness or embarking on a long-held ambition such as writing a novel. But what about making some resolutions regarding your finances?   At … Continued

What would be your perfect year?

Traditionally, the time for reflecting on the past and what will come is New Year’s Eve. But is this necessarily the best time to do this? As anyone who has worked with a Serenity Financial planner will know, there is one exercise which involves reflecting on your current average day, week and year, and then … Continued

What would be your ideal year in 2017

How money can make us happier

Can money make us happier? Studies reveal that happiness may not depend simply on how much wealth you have, but on how you spend it… Throughout our lives it is ingrained into our mentality that if we wish to be happy, we need more money. How many times have we wished we might win the lottery and … Continued

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How to invest for success following the US presidential election

Assuming the US presidential election took place yesterday, this is how to position your portfolio – Andy Hart  You will all now know that yesterday (8 November 2016) was a historic day for our planet. The new leader of the free world was announced. So how should you position your portfolio in the light of … Continued

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You have a financial plan, but do you have a financial plan b?

“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men, gang aft agley”. So said Robert Burns in his poem ‘To a Mouse’, lyrically summing up the idea that no matter how well we prepare, there are always factors beyond our control that can cause our ‘best laid’ plans to unravel. Whilst the same can be said … Continued


Plan your perfect day

A powerful exercise we use at Serenity Financial Planning is to ask clients to plan out their ideal day.   Not only does this help you to identify the main lifestyle changes that would make day to day life much happier, it also helps you to make more conscious day to day decisions about how … Continued

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Three questions that can lead you to financial happiness

Managing your finances in a way that helps you to live a life that is filled with joy, meaning and purpose may seem complex, but it all starts with some surprisingly simple questions. “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life,” said Henry David Thoreau. Certainly creating a financial plan which enables you to live … Continued

Three questions that can lead to happiness