What would be your perfect year?

Traditionally, the time for reflecting on the past and what will come is New Year’s Eve. But is this necessarily the best time to do this? As anyone who has worked with a Serenity Financial planner will know, there is one exercise which involves reflecting on your current average day, week and year, and then … Continued

What would be your ideal year in 2017

No Will, No Way through the Inheritance Jungle

Almost two out of three Britons have not made a Will and risk leaving a financial nightmare for family members when they die, warns the Law Society. Research coinciding with ‘Dying Awareness Week’, published in May 2014 from the Dying Matters Coalition, revealed that only 36 per cent of British adults say they have written a Will, while 83 per cent reported being uncomfortable discussing their dying wishes.


Six Ways to Transfer Wealth

It’s been easy to look at the news headlines over the past two or three years and assume that the economy has been a universal picture of doom and gloom. However, that’s not necessarily the case – many businesses have continued to do well and many people have prospered.


Duties of Executors

A lot of people are being named as executors on wills of their close ones, however, for many it is often unclear what are the duties of executors and what does it all involve? For this reason we published this short list of the main duties of will executors:


RICS UK Residential Market Survey Findings

Demand for property rose to its highest level in over three years during April, according to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) April 2013 Residential Market Survey. This rise is largely attributed by the RICS to the government’s Help to Buy scheme beginning to make an impact on the UK’s housing market.


Reduce Inheritance Tax

The inheritance tax nil rate band has now been at £325,000 since 6 April 2009. If it had been indexed-linked, as it used to be, the band would now be £340,000. However, there will be no increases for some while.