Why It’s Time For An Adventure

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Whether it’s rainy or sunny, whether you’re heading away or staying at home, there is definitely something about summer that brings a little adventurous spirit to us all. The really great news is that we can use this to improve both our finances and our overall happiness.


It’s not simply supposition but fact that warmer weather and longer daylight hours boosts our mood and makes us more likely to get out and try new things.


One study from the University of Michigan found that the increase in daylight hours can broaden cognitive style, which is linked to more creative thoughts. In other words, you are more likely to break with routine and do things differently, even if that means simply driving to work via a new route, or taking a day trip at the weekend to a place you’ve never visited before.


One of the best benefits of this sense of optimism and adventure is that when we do new things, our brains perceive that time slows down. An hour trying Stand Up Paddleboarding for the first time goes far more slowly than an hour watching your favourite TV show, so in all meaningful terms, we actually slow life down and get more out of it.


How does this affect us financially? When you’re looking forward to trying something new, whether that be a holiday somewhere exotic, or just trying abseiling for the first time, it is wonderful motivation to save up and direct your income towards pursuits that excite and enthuse you. This means we are more likely to be a bit more ruthless in reducing spending on those things that don’t really add much value to our lives such as that third movie subscription, or membership of a gym you never go to any more. You are incentivised to focus your financial resources towards the things that make you happier — and every new experience you try makes you more creative and increases your ability to learn new things and adopt new, more positive behaviours. It’s an upward spiral.


So why not book your next adventure today. However it goes, in every meaningful way, it will make your life richer.

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