April Market Commentary

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We started last month’s bulletin in the Crimea, with Russian troops in de facto control of the peninsula. Well, the Crimea is now part of Russia again and the collected denunciations and threatened sanctions of William Hague, John Kerry and the European foreign ministers will do nothing to change that.

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October Market Commentary

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Just when it was all going so well…

By and large, the news coming out of world financial centres in September was good. In the UK, Jaguar was planning to create 1,700 more jobs and the OECD were revising their growth forecasts upwards. Shares in the US ‘roared to record levels’ as the Federal Reserve decided to continue its $85bn a month stimulus plan and in the Far East there was a thaw in North and South Korean relations as the Kaesong industrial complex re-opened.

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September Market Commentary

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Economics and politics often make uneasy bedfellows and so it was in August as the threatened US-led intervention in Syria depressed stock markets at the end of the month.

In the UK, David Cameron suffered defeat in the Commons, appearing to totally mis-judge the strength of backbench opposition. If there’s one thing the financial markets don’t like it’s uncertainty and in the last week of August the Prime Minister delivered precisely that.

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