FCA begins probe into providers’ annuity sales

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The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is investigating thousands of annuities sold on a non-advised basis since 2008 to see if they were unsuitable for savers.

The regulator will carry out a "forensic" analysis of a large sample of sales from all of Britain's major insurers, with a primary focus on whether those customers entitled to 'enhanced' annuities were recommended them.

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Selling your annuity as we move towards a second-hand annuity market

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An annuity is a regular monthly income source that savers, largely from private sector companies, receive at retirement in exchange for their lifetime pension savings. Now George Osborne has said that around five million pensioners, who have used their retirement savings to buy an annuity, will be allowed to sell it for a cash sum after March 2016 and consultation has begun on how a second-hand annuity market might operate and be regulated.

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How good does the Second-Hand Annuity Market look?

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The Chancellor, George Osborne, has confirmed that from April 2016, some five million existing annuity holders will be given the right to sell their annuity in return for a lump sum. The move should give those pensioners who are already locked into potentially poor-value annuities the same freedoms as those retiring after April 2015, who will be able to spend their savings as they wish. Like any other saver taking cash out of their pension, the money will be subject to tax at their marginal rate – that is, the highest rate of income tax that they pay.

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Budget 2015: Trading in Your Annuity

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Proposals announced in the recent Budget confirmed that up to five million pensioners are to be given the new flexibility to trade in their annuities for cash from next year. As part of this change, the Government has launched a consultation on plans to open a secondary market in annuities in 2016, which would give savers a new option to sell their annuity income to the highest bidder, who might include insurers and pension funds.

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