Just when you think it wasn’t that long ago when we were tucking into our Easter eggs, we are now only a few weeks away from the longest day of the year. It’s a reminder of how quickly time passes, but also a good prompt to think about how we spend our day to day lives.

If you’ve been through the process of financial life planning with your Serenity Financial Life Planner, you may remember that part of that involves considering what your perfect day looks like.

Along with jotting down a perfect month and a perfect year, this gives us an idea of the kind of life we’d like to be living, and helps us plan to get there.

Like many things in life, we may well have jotted down our ideal scenario at the time, filled with good intentions and forgotten all about it, but it’s important to review that one day snapshot of how you would like your ideal life to look like because, over time, that changes.

Where once you may have dreamed of getting up at 7am and enjoying yoga and then spending a day in your dream job, before breaking off on time to spend time with the family, over the course of a year, you may find you have new desires and dreams for your ideal day.

As with any planning, setting clear goals is the start point, but it’s important to keep reviewing those goals if you want to stay on track.

So what does your perfect day look like to you now? Below we’ve attached a link to the chart you can download and jot down your thoughts on. When you do, make sure you remove and artificial barriers. Remember this is your perfect day, not one that has to be fettered by the fact you ‘have to go to work’. That may be true today, but the idea of sketching out your perfect day is to help identify the life you want to be living so we can help you move towards that.

So, if your ideal day involves waking up in Bali and enjoying a swim in a hotel infinity pool, before a leisurely day scuba diving and enjoying cocktails on the beach, while you manage your successful business portfolio with a couple of hours worth of calls and emails before heading out for dinner with your partner, write that down.

It may be that it will take months or even years to move towards the life you dream of, but visualising it and writing down the parts that are most important to you can often help us to realise that many of the changes are things we can do right now, today, with little effort required.

Click here to download your Perfect Day planner

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