What’s the best gift I can give?

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We are well and truly now well in to autumn, the evenings are drawing in, the heating is going on, and the thoughts of many are now turning to 25th December – and a two month countdown commences.

This year is likely to be even more challenging than most if you are keen to avoid shops and crowds – certainly there may be a lacking of festive spirit on the streets to make even the most arduous of shopping experiences less manic.

Maybe there is a way of avoiding the crowds, and at the same time, reduce your daily delivery of Amazon parcels in the coming months.

What is it that people will treasure most – something to open or something to remember?

According to research conducted by Oliver James, up to two thirds of presents given to children are not wanted – imagine that – 66% of your spend on presents is not appreciated – just let that sink in for a moment. There is however far greater affection and appreciation for experiences, special days out, weekend breaks and holidays.

Perhaps it is about exploring something, experiencing something new, and perhaps it explains why children frequently get far more and sustained enjoyment out of that oversized Amazon box, than the rather expensive gift which was contained within. A world of imagination and discovery. Memories made by interaction, priceless photos and visions of laughter and fun.

The beauty of course with an experience gift, is that the same level of gratitude is expressed when opening as if it were a tangible gift, and then, even greater joy when the experience actually happens. There is the excitement, the anticipation, research to be done, discussions with friends, maybe even a little fear and apprehension (such as when we arranged a flying lesson for my father one year).

Be it a two hour cream tea overlooking the sea, or a thrill experience, the chances are, that the memories will last far into the future, with the added bonus, that you will have the joy of hearing all about it, not wondering if yours was the one in three of those appreciated gifts.

– Jeremy Squibb

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