Providing real benefits for society and the planet

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We talk a lot about how your money can make a difference to provide real benefits for society and the planet. But we recognise that can often seem a little vague, so I thought it would be helpful over the next few months to show you some of the companies our EQ Positive Impact portfolios are supporting.

Tackling the under-supply of social housing in the UK

The UK is facing a serious housing shortage, with the government aiming to build 300,000 new homes every year to match demand and make housing costs more affordable. This target is not being met and has now been quietly abandoned, with the gap between market rents and affordability widening – making it harder than ever for many lower income families to find suitable homes.

A social housing review carried out just prior to the pandemic found that 8.4 million people in the UK live in inadequate housing, suffering overcrowding, homelessness or unsafe conditions. Registered social housing providers are crucial, but there is room for private capital to complement government spending to address this desperate challenge.

Orbit Group

Orbit Group, a UK housing association, is one of the UK’s largest builders of affordable housing.

Your investment contributes to new home construction, acquisition, refurbishment and management of existing stock. The organisation is run for social good, where all profits are re-invested to tackle the housing crisis and enhance communities.

In the last reporting year, Orbit delivered 848 new properties and continued to provide social and affordable homes for over 100,000 tenants. More recently, Orbit has offered 26 of its properties to Ukranian refugees.

In addition, Orbit has created a 2025 sustainability strategy that also targets re-investment into making its buildings more energy efficient with the intention of significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

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