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Three years ago, at our client event in Truro, Adam Pearson, a hypnotherapist from Newquay, provided some stunning ambient music, and thrilled the attendees with his insight into happiness, how the brain works, and why we behave the way we do.

Inspired by our fundraising concert – Bandtastic – the previous evening, Adam was inspired to give the cornet a go.

During a life planning discussion with Jeremy in October 2018, Adam identified that he would love to play jazz and funk on the flugelhorn – a reflection of how he would like to feel – smooth, clear, simple, funky, and be able to create something ‘modestly exhilarating’.

He and Jeremy planned into the future – to 2023, where Adam was founding an initiative to help people understand their mental health better, where he was playing a 32 bar break and some cool jazz at a launch gig for the movement.

To Adam however, that timescale felt slightly overwhelming, a bit out of control, but gave him an appetite for what could be possible.

Last week, as part of Mental Health Awareness Week he sent this email …

“I think I might have inadvertently just broadcast my first live performance as part of CornWELL and in association with the Mental Health Foundation!! Just realised I’d planned this all along (with your help!) – thought you’d like to be the first to know! (well, along with the rest of facebook and youtube … ). I really did not expect to be providing the soundtrack to my own national conference quite so quickly, but that is indeed what just happened!”

Sit back and enjoy some really cool improvisation of Born Free

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