Mindfulness techniques to create healthy financial habits

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During the summer months, everything seems that little bit more relaxed.  People spend more time with friends and family, making the most of the sunshine before the serious skies of winter appear.

Studies show that we’re more likely to take care of ourselves and enjoy those ‘little moments’. To put it another way, the summer months make us appreciate what makes us happy and we’re more likely to put into practice mindful techniques.

The slight thorn in the side is the fact that our spending is likely to rise during the summer holidays. Day trips out and ice creams for the grandchildren can stretch our purse strings. Those summer ‘ah’ moments can soon be disrupted by worries about finances.  But, before negative emotions take hold, here are three ways to make summer mindfulness lead you towards healthier financial habits.


Embrace emotional decision-making.

Often when we’re making financial decisions, we tend to think it’s important to be rational and unemotional.  It’s true, we do need to keep a level head when making these big decisions, but it’s important not to close off personal experiences and emotions. Being aware of your subconscious responses means you’re more likely to be more open to what will work well in your life — for example, it may not make sense to buy a Stand Up Paddleboard, but if that will bring more peace and tranquility into your life and improve your health, it may be a valid investment if you approach your finances from a financial life planning stance.  


Calm your mind to set clear financial goals.   

Mindfulness activities such as meditation can bring clarity to your life goals and create a real connection between what your heart wants and the financial plans you need to get there.  If you feel worried or anxious about financial plans, try setting a timer for 10 minutes, choose some positive experiences that you would like to build into your life and encourage yourself to think about positive experiences that will result from meeting your financial goals.  Whilst this isn’t a substitute for effective financial planning, it will encourage a positive thought process when you come to think about your financial goals.


Visualise to make your dreams come true.  

It’s a mindfulness technique that has been used by elite athletes and successful businessmen all over the world. By visualising the outcome you want, or ‘imagining success’ you are more likely to accelerate your achievement of those goals, according to top business coach, Jack Canfield. Why not take time to visualise yourself enjoying time with family and friends or travelling somewhere beautiful as a result adopting healthy financial habits, such as regular budgeting and reviews of your finances.  

As always, do talk to your Serenity Financial Life Planner if you’d like to discuss your goals and financial life planning in more detail.


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