DocuSign – 18 Months On

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In March 2022, we adopted the leading e-Signature brand DocuSign,18 months on, how are we finding it?

Why did we adopt DocuSign?

DocuSign is a very secure, easy to use, environmentally friendly and efficient service that is universally used by many different businesses and industries. Not only that, but the desire for a paper-free business world has opened up the path to e-signatures being more widely accepted by providers as we find ourselves having to send them fewer wet signatures or original signed paperwork.

What’s the Environmental impact?

It is so important to think about the enormous environmental impact using DocuSign has, and every time you sign your forms in this way, you’re contributing to that in a big way!

Since March 2022, we have sent out 457 envelopes and this is the environmental impact this has had:

Who accepts DocuSign?

The majority of our preferred platforms (Transact, Nucleus and Fundment) all accept E-signatures, with Parmenion using their own internal adobe e-sign system. There are a few forms that do still require a wet signature e.g., a direct debit mandate or legal documentation.

A large number of external providers are now accepting DocuSign signatures on their forms and for letters of authority. This is fantastic news as it makes requesting your information and processing your documents so much easier and helps us to provide a much speedier and more efficient service for you in turn. In the last year we’ve had an average turnaround of getting documents back in 14.1 hours!

Why do so many providers now accept DocuSign?

Gradually more and more external providers are accepting DocuSign e-signatures because they trust the service and the legitimacy of the signatures they receive. When we submit your signed forms, we send the provider an audit receipt from DocuSign that evidences a security trail of who opened and signed the forms. This is why the email address we use to send your DocuSign forms often needs to be the one they also have on file for you. Often without this audit receipt a provider will not accept your e-signature.

What are the benefits of DocuSign versus the postal service?

Often when we send out documents in the post, we are at the mercy of time, delays, strikes and of course the risk of documents going missing; however, with DocuSign we know that it’s a secure internal service, and all we need is an email address to send your DocuSign email to, no external factors get involved to slow the process down!

You don’t need to download apps or new browsers; all you need is the internet and your email browser, and you can sign on a mobile, tablet or computer and it takes a matter of seconds.

We all know how much the price of everyday items have gone up with inflation, and postage stamps are no different. One large 1st class stamp now costs a whopping £1.95, so with reducing these costs we can save this money and put it to better use in providing even better services for you elsewhere in the business.

What to do if you’re not sure how to use DocuSign?

If you ever have any issues with accessing the DocuSign emails we sent to you, please don’t hesitate to give one of us are call and we will always be more than happy to talk you through the steps of how to sign your paperwork.

You can sign with a saved signature (you might have one on your computer to hand), type your name and it’ll apply a font of your choice, or you can scribble an attempt at your signature with your finger or a stylus, and then you’re away! Once you’ve signed something on DocuSign, it will remember your choice of signature in the future as well, so the next time you receive something from us it will be even more efficient.

Do we still post documents?

We are more than happy to send documentation out in the post so please don’t ever hesitate to ask us if that’s your preference, but if you’re happy to receive DocuSign forms and you would like things to move at a slightly faster pace then please do continue to sign your forms via DocuSign.

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