ISAs: now much NISA

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Virtually all the headlines surrounding George Osborne’s recent Budget were about the changes to the pensions rules. Rightly described as the biggest changes to pensions legislation for a hundred years, they will have far-reaching implications for the financial planning of many of our clients.

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Save now to avoid becoming an eBaby Boomer?

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Britain’s baby boomers are turning into eBaby boomers as the rising cost of living is forcing them to sell off their possessions to maintain their lifestyle. Concerned about making ends meet, one in five of the post-war generation are selling their clothes, jewellery and electronics online to boost their incomes, according to a recent study by MGM Advantage. 

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The Savings and Income Protection picture across the UK: are you 26 days from the breadline?

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The average UK household overall is 26 days from the breadline, but this reduces to just 11 days for those of working age (18-64 years old). People estimate their savings will last them 72 days – almost three times the actual deadline to exhausting reserve funds. Wales and the North East have the shortest deadlines in the UK of just 11 days and a third of Britons (33%) still have no savings.

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More over-55’s now seek financial advice but there are still plenty who could benefit from talking to an adviser

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More over-55s are turning to financial advisers than did so four years ago, new research from Aviva into the shape of financial advice for retirement in 2014, shows. But with 77% of over-55s having no relationship with an adviser – and no plans to establish one – Aviva’s findings reveal a worrying lack of understanding about the nature of financial issues in later life.

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