5 Ways To Teach Your Kids About Money This Summer

  Imagine a future where you are able to hand your child a sum of money to help them through any given situation that will help them live a financially comfortable, worry free life. Sounds like a fantasy version of every parent’s desire to provide for their children, doesn’t it?   Yet while there’s no … Continued

The ‘money-gap’ generation

                      A recent survey has revealed that employees from all across the age spectrum have considerable gaps in their financial knowledge. Out of over 500 respondents, more than seven in ten of people from the generation X and millennials age groups did not have an … Continued


Education must pay, say UK parents

Parents want value for money from their child’s further education – they increasingly expect a good return on investment from sending their child to university according to a new report from HSBC, ‘The Value of Education: Springboard for Success’.