2022 Client Event Roadshows (online)

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If you have been a Serenity client for over 5 years, you’ll remember our Tour of Britain and the client events we held in Truro (Cornwall), Lincoln, Portmeirion (North Wales), and Leicester Square (London).  Although we’d love to recommence face to face events, we appreciate that it’s not for everyone just yet.

In April we hosted an online client event, introducing the whole team and meeting some of you through the power of Zoom.  Technology and video meetings seem to be a major aspect of our lives now, and whilst nothing will replace the feeling and sensations of the in person meeting, we’re keen to keep embracing this each month.

Starting on 15th June at 5.30pm, we’ll be hosting a monthly gathering – each month with a couple of different topics, and hopefully something which will appeal to everyone. As time goes by, through interactions with each other in Club Serenity,
these meetings could act as a major social focal point for our Serenity community each month.

On Wednesday 15th, will be demystifying the complexities of ISAs, JISAs and LISAs – which is best for who, and why you might want to avoid some – it’s a debate not a lecture, so we’ll be deliberately taking some contrarian views.

Once we all know the difference between a tax efficient savings plan and a corner shop (yes, the Government really did have to change the name from NISA) we’ll start talk about possibility stories.

Possibility stories are the pages in clients lives we want to help them turn – heading to something far greater than what is probable – in favour of what might just be possible. Dream big, remove constraint, and lets just see where we could go.

You can book your space HERE

Here are the future dates for the rest of this year:

July  – Thursday 7th (5.30pm)

August – we’re on our summer holidays

September – Friday 23rd (2pm)

October – Thursday 20th (6pm)

November – Friday 18th (12.30pm)

December – Wednesday 7th (6pm)

We’re running a poll over in Club Serenity to figure out the most popular times for attendees.

If there is any topic you’d like us to cover, please let us know and we’ll do our best to make it engaging, informative and entertaining.

First of all, remember to book your space for the 15th June HERE.

We’ll see you in a couple of weeks.

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