Reflecting on an Inspiring Thinking Environment Session with Becca Timmins

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A week ago, we had the privilege of participating in a truly enlightening Thinking Environment development session hosted by the incredible Becca Timmins. It was an opportunity to delve into the essential aspects of creating an exceptional workplace where we all feel valued and fulfilled. 🙌`

In a world where the dynamics of work are evolving rapidly, nurturing a thriving work environment has never been more crucial. Becca’s session shed light on the power of fostering a Thinking Environment—a space where ideas are nurtured, perspectives are valued, and individuals are empowered to bring their authentic selves to work. 💡

Here are some key takeaways that resonated deeply with us:

1️⃣ Listening is a Superpower: Becca reminded us that true listening is not just hearing words but understanding the emotions, thoughts, and intentions behind them. In a Thinking Environment, when we genuinely listen, we create a safe space for others to express themselves fully.

2️⃣ Equality of Voice: The session emphasised the importance of creating an environment where everyone’s voice is equal. When we encourage diverse voices to be heard, we unlock a wealth of perspectives that can lead to innovative solutions and increased job satisfaction.

3️⃣ Building Trust: Trust is the foundation of any successful work environment. Becca shared invaluable insights into how trust can be cultivated through open dialogue, vulnerability, and a shared commitment to growth.

4️⃣ Self-Expression: We explored the significance of self-expression and authenticity. It’s essential for individuals to feel free to be themselves at work, fostering a sense of belonging and emotional well-being.

This week we got the chance to put this new learning into practice. The subject was to design a new service for our clients and the entire team participated. Using the thinking round approach, we found everyone came up with a lot of great ideas and suggestions on what we could do and think about. It was a very productive meeting and the technique clearly worked.

We’re grateful to Becca Timmins for her wisdom and guidance during our session. Her passion for creating workplaces where people flourish is truly inspiring. 🚀

Let’s carry these insights forward in our journey to build extraordinary work environments. Together, we can foster cultures where every team member feels valued, fulfilled, and empowered to achieve their best. 💪

Thank you, Becca, for lighting the way! 🌟 #ThinkingEnvironment #WorkplaceCulture #Inspiration #PersonalGrowth

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