No doubt you will have noticed the new website (in fact you are probably reading this article from it).

If you have ever been involved in building a website, aside from all the technical wizardry, you’ll be well aware of all the hard work which goes into checking, double checking, changing and refreshing, and then, once it is live, spotting more things.

Along with other members of the Serenity Management Team, over the past 6 months, we have been intently rewriting, tweaking pages, scratching our heads, and finally bring to the end over 2 years of development.

What we wanted to deliver was a site focussed on you the reader – what matters to you, how you benefit from working with us, and stories of others who are embracing the Serenity journey.

If you have a look, you’ll see that the traditional opening pages of most sites – all things about us, are further along the page – structured this way to put you at the center.

The wording is also aimed to focus on the reader as opposed to patting ourselves on the back – after all, readers have far more interest if it seems relevant to them.

It is worth having a look around the insights library – where articles like this are held.  The library has many topics around finance, planning, life and money, along with some good news stories about what the team have been up to – such as the charity football match which raised over £1500 for a local Downs Syndrome Support Group.


We want your help

At one stage, we had a list of over 80 tweaks and amendments, and as you can imagine, from time to time we still spot the odd one which we missed.  Of course, after spending so long looking at the site, it is easy to get word blind, and this is where you come in.

We know from experience that some of our clients are superb at spotting small typo errors, mis-alignment, or just having that feeling that something doesn’t flow quite right.  We’d like to invite you to be extra critical, scrutinise the new website and email us on with the things you have spotted.  Once we have changed them, we’ll let you know.

It would also be great to know if there is anything extra you would like to see on the website – maybe things which you have seen on other sites which you think would add to the overall experience – please do let us know.

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