Lauren and Hollie’s journey to Paraplanning

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We are excited to announce Hollie and Lauren were recently enrolled on a Level 4 Paraplanning Apprenticeship with Skills Edge. 

The course is a fantastic way for them to not only extend their knowledge for their current job roles and contribute more to Serenity as their skill set and knowledge grows, but also help them reach their goal of becoming Paraplanners in the future.

In addition to 3 exams around ‘Financial services, Regulation & Ethics’, ‘Investment Principles & Risk’ and ‘Personal Taxation’, and a piece of coursework,  to gain their Certificate in Paraplanning, over the next two years they will be assigned a wide range of topics to research to create an array of essays, as well as participate in professional 1:1 discussions with their Tutor Sarah, and group discussions with other students on their course. This will then build up to form a portfolio of work to evidence their knowledge, understanding, abilities and growth, which will then enable them to be a Paraplanner.

A big part of the course is their ‘off-the-job’ training, which can come in many forms; from self study, webinars, online research, training sessions to attending industry shows. For this they log each piece of work and write a reflective statement on what they have learnt from the training and how it can impact and influence their current role and future career.

An upcoming piece Hollie and Lauren have recently been assigned is on ‘Personal Commitment’ which includes a strong emphasis on proactively maintaining their own industry knowledge. For this they have to carry out some wider reading on what is going on in the industry, which will also be important as they approach their JO9 Paraplanning coursework in the coming months. This is a great piece of work because although the knowledge you learn from exams is a great way to evidence understanding of the industry as a whole, as we work in an ever-changing industry, keeping on top of all the changes & developments is vital.  

We look forward to seeing where this exciting path will take Hollie and Lauren over the next couple of years!

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