Introducing DocuSign

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Introducing DocuSign to Serenity

Following a very successful trial of the e-Signing service ‘DocuSign’, we have decided to implement it into our administration process full time!

DocuSign is a compliant, secure and efficient method of signing and completing forms and documents, and it’s sure to make the process for our clients far easier too- perfect for fitting around busy schedules.

How to use DocuSign?

  • You can sign on a desktop, mobile or tablet; and it will guide you through the process and where to sign, every step of the way.
  • When signing an agreement, if you do not want to attempt your signature on a screen, you can simply type your name and choose an italic font to represent it- this is still compliant and will be accepted by our main providers, Transact and Nucleus.
  • There can be multiple recipients of the forms, so more than one person can sign if required. Each person will then receive a copy of the completed document at the end of the process to retain for their records too.
  • At the moment, all that’s needed to use DocuSign is an email address. The secure link will be sent to your inbox for you to access your documents via an internet browser- no new apps required!

What forms do Providers accept via DocuSign?

As e-Signatures from DocuSign are widely accepted by third party providers such as Nucleus and Transact, we will be introducing DocuSign for our clients to sign the vast majority of forms required for implementing transactions.

What about MyProsperity?

Our MyProsperity portal will still remain our main source for accessing client documents and to sign internal agreements and forms, but this new method of signing 3rd party forms is just as simple and easy to use.

If you’re a client of Serenity, you may be involved in using DocuSign in the near future. But as always, if you need help, or have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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