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After many years of being a broad concept from our Serenity Tour Of Britain back in 2017, we are now delighted to officially launch Club Serenity.

We’ve found that regular interaction amongst our clients stimulates far greater conversation such as finding things in common, helping each out, and generally connecting with other Serenity Clients. The great thing is that it is a Private Group hosted on Facebook – meaning that outside of the group, your privacy is protected.

We’re planning to use the interactions to help us shape what we do. You can ask us questions, offer help, give us your feedback, take part in polls – all of which will help us develop a client engagement panel.  Your views are hugely important to us, which
is why we encourage you to head over to Club Serenity and engage in the conversations as they come up.

It’s funny how many clients have similar aspirations or dreams in their future possibility story – maybe it’s to travel to a particular place, maybe you have dreamt of buying a motor home, maybe even you have many questions to ask about sustainability? Either way, Club Serenity could be your starting point, drawing on the
experience of others.

As a Serenity client, you know what sort of people we work best with, so be reassured, that most people are just like you – a focus on life, on what is possible, to live our best future – so why not contact others who can share their wisdom and inspire you further?  Maybe you have a unique service, product, event or talent that others would love to know about – here’s the place to share it – it’s just like a normal meeting place, a café or bar – but online.

As well as the interactions, each month, we’ll be hosting an online client event – the next one is at 5.30pm on 15th June – booking details here, along with the schedule of events up until Christmas.

We’re not quite ready to dust off the tour bus yet, so in the meantime, pop along to Club Serenity

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