At Serenity, we are continually striving to contribute to the wellbeing of our colleagues in the team.  At the start of the year, we introduced HEKA, a vast range of wellbeing options for everyone to chose from.  From gym membership, DNA testing, fitness trackers, even meditation or language tuition apps, there are hundreds of options for the team to choose from within the budget they are allocated.

Every month, each Serenity colleague is awarded £30 to their HEKA account which they can use to purchase experiences, products, and services to benefit their health, or allow it to roll up for a bigger purchase.

After two months of membership, we caught up with the team to see how it was going. Here’s what they had to say…

Financial Administrator, Adam has used is rolled over allowance to buy a Fitbit 2 tracker “I’ve mainly got it for sleep and exercise tracking. So far I’ve used it to analyse my fitness at six-a-side on Monday (see where I subbed off to take a break) and I can use that to track how and if I improve over the coming weeks. Other than that I have eye’d up online injury consultant, R3LIEF Muscle & Joint Cream and the candle making kit for something different to try.”

Financial Planner, Jordan has purchased Blinkist, a mobile app that condenses key insights from popular non-fiction books. So far, he’s revisited books he has already read to remind him of the key points, such as Atomic Habits by James Clear. “I’ve also commenced a 6-week personal training course via zoom. I attend the gym 3/4 times per week, but lack clarity over which exercises I should be doing to meet my objectives. So, my 6-week program is underway, with my coach on hand to hold me accountable. “

Senior Client Relationship Manager, Dan  is going to save for another two/three months to get one of the York Test Kits. “I do look at it a lot though, I really think it’s a great idea. I definitely have a yoga mat on my hit list, and maybe some other exercise equipment! “

Client Relationship Manager, Lauren feels it is  such a fantastic idea and shows that Serenity really cares about the team’s mental and physical well-being, particularly after the last couple of years with the pandemic and working remotely. “I just think that it can only be a massive benefit to the quality of work you produce when you’re physically and mentally healthy. “

Managing Director and Financial Life Planner, Tina Weeks emphasised that the wellbeing of our colleagues is very important, so it was essential for Serenity to do something to show everyone how important they are to us. “We are thrilled that everyone is loving the experience. “

Overall, we’ve had some really positive feedback and I’m sure over the next few months we’ll be able to explore other experiences HEKA has to offer.

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