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Regular readers of Insights will recall our monthly virtual Club Serenity Social events in 2022. They gave our clients the opportunity to meet the Serenity team and talk about the things that mattered most to them. Letting the audience set the agenda proved to be extremely popular and it led to some valuable conversations on subjects they had in common.

The last 12 months have been notable for many things but the wider impact of the war in Ukraine coupled with rapidly rising inflation and instability both economically and in the UK government offered plenty to discuss. However, it was being able to make sense of it in a group discussion that proved to be most helpful to everyone present.

We also enjoyed hearing the Serenity journey from a couple of our clients and how financial planning has helped shape their lives. Looking at what we do from the clients perspective is valuable feedback for us and helps shape how we do it in the future.

Club Serenity 2023

Financial planning can sometimes feel complicated and we can easily be drawn into the fine detail only to find ourselves lost or confused. Add in some sensational media headlines and it can easily seem scary. But it can also lead to something truly fulfilling.

We all have aspirations or dreams – things we’ve thought about but have never got round to doing for all sorts of reasons. Our aim is to help you enjoy more fulfilling lives by focusing on the things you can do something about and less on the things you can’t.

With that in mind we’re looking forward to the return of our Club Serenity Socials in 2023 and we hope you’ll be able to join us – our first client event of the year is scheduled for the 28th February.

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