Finally, after 18 months, September saw the Serenity team back together again in one room for our quarterly team meeting.

We last met in March 2020, when people wearing face masks were looked at suspiciously, temperature checks seemed like something from a Netfilx documentary, and the whole world were about to be reminded how to wash their hands.

Since then, we had to resort to monthly Zoom meetings – even the much loved Christmas meeting / party had to be online. We are truly thankful however that technology has enabled us all to stay in contact with our colleagues and clients during these unprecedented times.

Hosted by our friends at EQ Investors, September’s meeting was the usual blend of team bonding, planning, education and innovation, and as you can see, with spectacular views from the office.  As society gradually (hopefully) gets back together after lockdown, there are going to be adjustments, and we will all realise, that no matter how goof that technology has been, and how connected we may all have felt, there really is no substitute for being face to face and sharing the energy in a room. In particular, it was great to meet three members of the team face to face for the first time – Dan, Kevin and Adam.  Along with Karen, they have all joined the team during the pandemic and it was superb to properly welcome them.

Despite having moved closer to her native North East, Hollie was just pipped  to the ‘long distance traveller’ award by Jeremy with a round trip of just under 600 miles by train from Cornwall, whilst the rest of team headed to the City from Birmingham, Lincoln, Durham, Leicester, and even Barnet!

A couple of the team – Karen and Tom were unable to join us, and we look forward to the whole team hopefully being together once more in December.

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