Do you have an innovative business? Where in the world can you find other businesses just like you?

Each year, the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) produces the Global Innovation Index, which produces a ranking of the top innovative countries across the globe. The focus of the index is on effective innovation policies for development, using 79 indicators across several different themes and covering 141 world economies. “Innovation holds far-reaching promise for spurring … Continued


Save in summer: book for winter

Whilst there’s something to be said for seeking out a last-minute holiday to make the most of the summer months, the arguments for booking in advance are fairly difficult to deny. Not only could you end up saving yourself up to 25% on the price of travel and accommodation, thanks to time-limited discounts, you’ll also … Continued


Free password managers: what’s available and how they compare

                As more and more services become available online, the number of login details you need to remember also increases. But whilst the growth of internet banking, shopping, film and TV streaming offers ever more convenience, it also puts your sensitive information at increased risk. This is because … Continued


Property funds in the post-Brexit world

Following the Brexit result of the EU referendum on 23rd June, a number of property funds chose to suspend redemptions following huge amounts of withdrawals from investors. This led to many predicting a gloomy future for the funds, but as we move further on from the referendum, many are changing their predictions to one of … Continued


Travel insurance: what to look for in a good policy

                  The summer months mean we’re at the peak of the holiday season, with countless families, couples and individuals jetting off for a break during July and August. Going on holiday without insurance can be a gamble, particularly if you are travelling overseas, leading to many jet-setters … Continued


How will your spending habits change in retirement?

            It will come as a surprise to nobody that retirement is one of the biggest lifestyle changes you’ll ever experience. But as your priorities shift and the free time available to you increases, what you might not be as aware of is the way in which your spending habits … Continued


Negative interest rates and how they might affect your finances

With the Bank of England cutting UK interest rates this month for the first time since 2009 to just 0.25%, it looks more likely than ever that Britain could experience negative interest rates. The idea of negative interest rates has moved from theory to reality following the 2008 financial crisis, with several central banks in … Continued


Retiring in England? Here are the top destinations

Whilst the impact of Brexit is yet to be known, one thing that may become trickier is relocating to the continent after Britain leaves the EU. It’s a change that will affect those at the end of their working life as well as those near the start, as in the past many have chosen to … Continued


London Financial Advice Firm Ranked Amongst Top Twelve In The UK

  Serenity Financial Planning has been voted one of the top independent financial advice firms in London and the UK. The survey was put together by US based AdvisoryHQ – one of the fastest-growing review and ranking media for the financial advisory, investment, mortgage, banking, wealth management and accounting sectors across the US, UK and … Continued