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Tom Desborough

Tom joined Serenity after four years’ experience in the financial planning industry. His experience of the industry started following a stint with a communications consultancy that produced content aimed at financial planners. This opened his eyes to the world of financial planning and the great benefits thorough planning can endow on people.

Tom has always believed that financial planning is skill, and process, to bring us closer to the life we truly want to lead and to free us from the shackles of a stressful life dominated by money woes. Unlike many of the traditional financial planning firms that might define financial planning as establishing good investment and tax strategies, and buying appropriate insurance, Tom would argue that these are simply tools in the financial planning toolkit and that it is the planning element itself that can move us towards a more fruitful life and a better relationship with our money.

Serenity Financial Planning was a name recognised by Tom as one of the few Financial Life Planning firms in the UK and one of the few firms that he thought promoted financial planning done properly. After approaching Tina Weeks for some guidance in his career, Tom was invited to join the Serenity family – an invitation he gladly accepted.
Tom is a current member of the Personal Finance Society and holds the following qualifications:

  • Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning (DipPFS)
  • Certificated in Mortgage Advice
  • Certificate in Equity Release

He is currently working towards becoming a Charted Financial Planner and Registered Life Planner

1 Ropemaker Street


020 8440 4788

07791 436 711

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