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Tina Weeks

Financial Life Planner - London

Tina is the founder of Serenity Financial Planning, a unique financial planning company that aims to deliver Financial Life Planning to as many people as possible in the UK.

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Tina has been a financial adviser since 1996 and specialises in Financial Life Planning. This is a new technique that encourages and inspires clients to identify what is most important to them and what they really want to do in their life. She then works with them over the long term to ensure they have enough money to do it and are confident about their financial planning.

She advises her clients on pensions, investments, insurance, estate planning and every other aspect of their financial planning. In addition, Tina will help clients get a clearer understanding of their relationship with money and teach them tools to better manage their finances on a day to day basis. She is also known for explaining complex financial and tax concepts in a simple way.

This is a new type of financial advice with the focus on relationship, coaching clients to move forward and supporting clients throughout their lives. She uses sophisticated software to show clients both their current and future Financial Life Plan visually.

She works predominantly with professional families that need investment advice, asset protection ongoing coaching. She also works heavily with small business owners who need advice and guidance for both their business and personal situations.

Tina lives in North London and has two teenage children. She was born in London, but her parents are both Greek and she is fully bilingual. In her spare time she loves to cook and read personal development books. She keeps fit by doing yoga, running and walking.

Tina is proud to be a member of the following professional organisations:

  • Personal Finance Society
  • Institute of Financial Planning
  • Chartered Insurance Institute

Tina has the following qualifications:

  • Diploma in Financial Planning
  • Registered Life Planner (RLP)
  • Master of Life Planning
  • AF7 – Pension Transfers
  • J01 – Personal Taxation
  • J02 – Trusts
  • J05 – Pension Income options
  • R01 – Regulation and Ethics
  • R04 – Pensions and Retirement planning
  • R08 – Pension update
  • CF2 – Investments and Risk
  • CF8 – Long term care planning
  • MAQ (Mortgage Advice Qualification)

1 Ropemaker Street


0208 440 4788

07976 306543


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