We believe our approach is refreshing, unique and accessible to everyone. We have created a process that has been designed to give vision to your finances and clarity to your dreams.

Our methodology has 4 stages:

  1. Getting to know you
  2. Preparation of your Financial Life Plan
  3. Implementation of Financial Life Plan
  4. Ongoing monitoring and review

Our Process

Stage 1 – Getting to know you

During this stage we really get to know you. We go through the E, V and O of the EVOKE process and work with you through some structured life planning exercises such as the ‘3 Questions’ and the ‘Hearts Core Grid’.

We will also undergo a full audit of your existing situation. Among other things we will look at your personal details, family, career, income, expenditure, savings, investments, pensions, personal insurance and employee benefits.

Stage 2 – Preparation of your Financial Life Plan

Your financial life plan will include the following:

Preparation of the following financial statements

Income and Expenditure – We will look at income and expenditure both for your current situation and for the future. We will work with you on budgeting if required.

Net Worth – We will calculate your net worth by looking at your assets and your liabilities.

Cashflow forecasting – We have partnered with Voyant to use the latest technology to prepare your cashflow statement and model different ‘what if’ scenarios to bring to life the information gained from the life planning exercises and your personal audit.

Risk profiling – We use a market leading risk profiling tool, Finametrica, to determine your first level risk profile using behavioural psychology and subtle questioning. We then couple the results from this exercise with the information we have learned about you through the life planning exercises, your personal audit and our discussions, to accurately assess your risk tolerance. We compare this to the investments you may already have in place and use the results to determine the risk level of any future investments you make.

Determination of suitable tax strategy – Using the detailed information we have for you we will recommend an appropriate tax strategy for you.

Recommendations on any actions you should take. All our advice and recommendations will be impartial and based on your particular situation. You will not be obligated to implement any of our recommendations.

Stage 3 – Implementation of your financial plan

Should you choose to instruct us to implement your financial life plan; we will undergo in-depth and thorough research and analysis to establish the best possible options for you.

We will provide written confirmation of any specific recommendation we make and we will process the paperwork and manage the project to completion on your behalf.

Where investments are concerned we will utilise our Investment Process – a new and systematic approach to investing that is based on academic research and state of the art technology. We will always take into account the information contained in your financial plan.

Stage 4 – Ongoing monitoring and review

We believe that financial planning is a dynamic process and in order to meet your life goals you need ongoing coaching and support. It’s not something that you can do once and forget about. Most of our clients join our Serenity Financial Coaching programme so that we can work together over the long term to ensure that your plan stays on track and we are able to adjust your plan to meet the changing circumstances of your life.

Once you join our programme you will receive the following:

Annual review meeting with your adviser

This is a face to face meeting where we undergo a complete review of your Financial Life Plan. We will discuss any changes to your circumstances that would affect your plan and make adjustments accordingly. We will revisit your life planning, cashflow modelling and existing situation in detail.

Access to your adviser

You will be able to access your adviser for advice and coaching throughout the year as and when required. However, we will be pro active with you if we feel there is something new you need to know or do.

Progress Report and Action Plan

After each annual review meeting you will receive a revised Financial Life Plan with a progress report for the last 12 months and an action plan for the next 12 months.

Wealth management

We will monitor and advise you on all aspects of your investment strategy to ensure you remain on track.

Online access to your information

You will be provided with a private login that you can use to access your information whenever you require.

Access to seminars, workshops and networking events

As a member of the coaching programme you will be eligible to attend relevant educational seminars, workshops and networking events.