R and J Snelling


A client since 2017

The biggest financial challenge we had before we started working with Serenity was in trying to establish what our future retirement and pension income might be – whether it was enough, or too little – and when we could realistically look to retire.

The complete lack of visibility and being able to identify a cohesive strategy for retirement, with the reassurance that we would be financially sound, was very troubling and did cause us to worry.

We decided to start working with Serenity because we thought this would provide greater clarity and peace of mind in terms of our future goals and long-term planning.

It was pointed out by Jeremy at the time that Serenity (and he) would be with us on our journey, and the plans would evolve as time went on and different challenges and opportunities presented themselves.

During the time we began working with Jeremy, there was huge uncertainty over whether I would find future employment and thoughts were around the implications of retiring early. As it has turned out, my circumstances have improved; the plans and our financial profiling have been adjusted to allow for this.

For anybody who is not sure about whether to start working with Serenity, I would say “go for it!”. In terms of peace of mind and the clear vision, it has provided reassurance and a positive outlook in terms of our retirement goals, and the fact they are more than achievable! It has removed a lot of the doubt and concern over our future financial state.

I would add I like the easy manner and personable qualities of Jeremy and the team. You won’t experience any high-pressure selling here! Serenity demonstrate honesty, integrity and trustworthiness, and we certainly value Jeremy as our trusted advisor in terms of our retirement planning. I cannot recommend them highly enough

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They really do care, they get to know you and it’s personal. They are obviously very good at life planning but, honestly, it is so much more than that.
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