Nel Wilton


A client since 2013

I reluctantly became a client of Jeremy’s in 2013. I say reluctantly, as it was following my husband’s suicide.

Jeremy sorted my mortgage and finances but, maybe more importantly, he encouraged me to live.

The way he and Serenity works is brilliant. We sat down and talked about what I wanted; he made me live.

My 50th birthday was in 2013; Del and I were going to achieve my lifelong dream of going to Borneo, but obviously that was cancelled. In one of our sessions, Jeremy encouraged me to put a post on Facebook to see if any of my friends would go with me. Grumbling like a small child being made to eat my veg, I did. To my amazement, a friend who had recently come out of a relationship said yes!

We had two amazing weeks in Borneo. We’re off to Cambodia and Laos in April. I’ve also now moved to a new, more manageable house. None of this could have been done without Jeremy’s encouragement, help and ethos. Financial life planning at its best.

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For anybody who is not sure about whether to start working with Serenity, I would say “go for it!”. It has removed a lot of the doubt and concern over our future financial state.
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