Introducing a new blog Escaping The Bucket

Have you ever heard of the analogy of the bucket of crabs?

It goes something like this: Take a bucket of crabs, all scrabbling around, then one tries to climb out of the bucket. Guess what? The rest grab hold of it and pull it back into the bucket – they are stopping it from changing it’s environment and moving forward in life. The result, nothing changes them change, and the crabs usually get eaten!

This concept is the basis of a new blog by Jeremy Squibb, our Head of Life Planning.

“People ask me what the analogy has to do with life and financial life planning and my answer is: Everything!” says Jeremy.

“Imagine you have a great idea, or are motivated to change. You mention it to a few friends and they ridicule you, so you give up. Imagine you start trying to do something differently, even visionary, and again, you encounter resentment, obstacles and attrition – so you give up. Imagine that you can see how you would really like life to be, but cannot figure out how financially that might work – so you give up. All three scenarios are just like the bucket of crabs.  The challenge seems too great or difficult, or maybe there are obstacles in the way, so you give up before you start.”

This blog, just like Serenity Financial Life Planning is all about offering support, guidance, and maybe a source of inspiration or a guiding light to second check those assumptions you have been carrying around. Our goal is to show you just what is possible and to help you to escape the bucket.

And guess what, you probably have way more than just one bucket in your life – work, relationships, health, money – the list goes on!”

Interested in escaping the bucket? Read on…