Behind The Scenes At Serenity: Our Investment Committee

Getting the right outcomes for our clients is vitally important to us and one area we don’t leave to chance is investing.  

It’s a subject many people find complex and difficult to understand. Add in a healthy dose of jargon and some alarming media headlines and it’s no surprise we leave the decision making to our heart instead of our head. 

At Serenity, we understand how emotion drives our decisions and that having a process that checks against emotional or impulsive choices offers the best prospects of a good outcome. Investing on impulse is not a reliable strategy and it rarely leads to success. 

The starting point in deciding on what investments we recommend to our clients is our investment philosophy – a set of core principles and beliefs backed up with academic and empirical evidence. It underpins our decisions around investment products and funds and engenders confidence in the process. 

So how do we know our investments philosophy is right? We challenge it – regularly – through our investment committee. 

Formed in 2015 and made up of practicing financial planners and members of the support team, the Serenity Investment Committee is a forum for collective decision-making. Its goal is to bring structure to the investment decision process and eliminate ‘gut’ decisions.

Advances in technology, product innovation and regulation are considered before deciding on doing what, when, how and why. Responsibility for implementing each decision is assigned to specific members of the committee and documented accordingly.

We believe our Investment Committee is the most effective way of making sensible decisions and an essential component in delivering great outcomes for our clients.

Pictured are the November 2017 Investment Committee meeting in Newark: from left – Adam Barker, Tony McMenamin, Tina Weeks, Caroline Keegan and Clive Thompson