Save it for a sunny day

money growing and small tree in jar -- saving


It’s storm season, a reminder of that good old fashioned saying that we should save money for a rainy day but is it always the best advice?


We certainly need to be prepared for difficult times. Should we suffer a sudden loss to income, ill health or bereavement, for example, forward planning and good insurance policies can take away the extra pressures and anxieties of financial worry which often result from these events.


But following the advice can also mean that we leave ourselves under-resourced to enjoy the sunny times – the times when our children or grandchildren are young, when we have our health and energy.


It’s very hard to know exactly how much we might need for the proverbial rainy day. And getting the balance wrong can mean that we unnecessarily miss out on experiences such as trips to be with loved ones or achieving life long dreams that would enrich our lives and those of the ones we love.


This is why one of the strategies we often put in place with clients is to ‘save for a sunny day’. Putting money aside for an amazing road trip around America, or, as Serenity Financial Life Planner Jeremy Squibb just demonstrated, for a trip to Lapland while his daughters are still young enough to believe in the magic of Santa Claus, are ways to use financial planning to bring real joy into your life.
So if you don’t have a ‘sunny day’ pot, give your Serenity Financial Life Planner a call.